Iris & Opale meets you where it all begins…
Once your bottles are empty, refill them directly from our fountains. Responsible, committed innovation for a new art of living beauty.

More eco-friendly cosmetics

Fill your most beautiful bottles ad infinitum and do your bit for the planet.

More economical cosmetics

Pay only the price of the content and pamper yourself at a reduced rate (up to 35% discount).

More humane cosmetics

Enjoy local service and a privileged moment with the founder.

A place dedicated to the rejuvenation of flacons…

Iris & Opale fountains let you fill your beauty elixir bottles as many times as you like. The workshop-boutique also offers exclusive hygiene and home care products, accessible only to fountains. Simple and fun, this approach revives an 18th-century practice. Now readapted to the challenges of tomorrow’s world, it encourages a consumption style in which responsibility takes precedence, without sacrificing the pleasure of a holistic beauty routine.

… and the rejuvenation of souls

Relax in a timeless setting. Located in a former presbytery, the Iris & Opale workshop-boutique is a stone’s throw from Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer, in the midst of a garden of medicinal plants and fruit trees. The perfect setting for the sacred aura of our beauty elixirs, it gives off beneficial waves that help you relax and refocus. To accompany your rejuvenation ritual, you can also enjoy a discovery session of our entire collection.



Order the refill of your choice from the online store. Receive it at home and fill your own original bottle.


Give a second life to your empty bottles by dropping them off at the workshop-boutique. Leave with 20% off your next purchase.


17 Le Vieux Bourg
22130 Saint-Lormel
02 56 38 11 81



Which products are eligible for the refill service?

All Iris & Opale products are eligible for on-site resourcing and/or remote refill and/or deposit. Refer to the inserts above and, if in doubt, contact our customer service department at

How much does a cosmetic fountain refill cost?

Bulk resourcing offers savings of 25-30% on the original price of the product.

When can I come and refill my Iris & Opale bottles?

The workshop-boutique is open every Friday. Access to the fountains is also possible on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, by appointment only.

What containers can I use for my refill?

Only full-size bottles or original refills of cosmetic products cosmetic products Iris & Opale are refillable. The service is not available for travel-size bottles or boxed sets.

Any type of container is accepted for the purchase of home care products andhygiene products (excluding deodorant). Clean containers are also available on site.

How do I prepare my container?

Before refilling, shower gel and deodorant bottles should be cleaned with soapy water, disinfected with alcohol, then carefully dried.

There’s no need to clean the containers of other cosmetics and cleaning products. What’s important is that the formulas are identical. This avoids bad interactions from content to content, but also from content to container. That’s why it’s also compulsory to use the original bottle.